CFP vol.5

Global Conversations: An International Journal in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture

Call for Papers: War and Peace, Love and Hate

Submission deadline: November 15, 2022

In times war we naturally long for peace, but we often ignore the extent to which humanity’s overall state depends on the prevalence of love or hate among its ranks. Mother Teresa is reputed of saying that “works of love are works of peace.” Regrettably, in our time this comes to suggest that we must have given in too much to love’s opposite; that is, hate. Can we pull back the love of humanity, while keeping hate at bay, to secure peace and prosperity today and for the future? Both love and hate take many forms that could be accounted for here, which may give us a perspective on both the chances of peace against war and the future of humanity.

The journal invites original papers on the themes of war and peace, love and hate from the perspectives of the humanities, social, and natural sciences. Inter-disciplinary articles are also welcome. Approaches may include, but are not confined to

· Philosophical conceptions of war and peace, love and hate

· War, peace, love, and hate as metaphors

· Historical perspectives on war and peace, love and hate

· Literary representations of war, peace, love, and hate

· Art representations of war, peace, love, and hate

· Phenomenological approaches to war and peace, love and hate

· Pandemics in the perspective of war, peace, love, and hate

· Ethical and scientific perspectives on war and peace, love and hate

· Economic and/or ecological perspectives on war, peace, love, and hate

· Cultural studies perspectives on war, peace, love, and hate

· War and peace, love and hate in the perspectives of immunity and autonomy

In addition to this thematic call, the journal accepts articles of interest on topics related but not limited to

· Phenomenology, existential philosophy, post-structuralism

· Metaphilosophy, pragmatism, and communicative action

· Language, thinking, and technology

· Critical theory, literature, and art

· Ethics, religion, and spirituality

· Power, politics, and economics

· Race, gender, sexuality, identity

· Refugees, strangers, and outcasts

· Community building, inclusion, and integration

· Human person, health, and self-creation

· Globalization, multiculturalism, and the meaning of nationality

· Trans- and cross-cultural horizons

· Environment, common concerns, and common solutions

· Radicalization, populism, and extremism

· Poverty, gentrification, and biopolitics

The language of the journal is English. We will also consider translations of articles from other languages, including ones which have been originally published in a language other than English. The editorial board may also be able to facilitate the process of translation. In this relation, contributions originally published in non-European languages will be especially welcome.

Information on the paper submission style adopted by the journal can be found at “For authors“.