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Editorial correspondence


Thematic Call for Papers: Calamity and Immunity

The journal invites original papers on the themes of calamity and/or immunity from the perspectives of the humanities, social and natural sciences.  Inter-disciplinary articles are also welcome. Approaches may include, but are not confined to

·      Philosophy of immunology

·      Philosophical conceptions of calamity and disaster

·      Immunity and/or calamity as metaphor

·      Historical perspectives on calamity and/or immunity

·      Literary representations of calamity and/or immunity

·      Phenomenological approaches to calamity and/or immunity

·      Covid-19 and/or other pandemics as global calamity

·      Ethical and scientific perspectives on concepts of herd immunity

·      Economic and/or ecological perspectives on calamity and/or immunity

·      Cultural studies perspectives on calamity and/or immunity

·      Immunity and autonomy

In addition to the thematic call, the journal accepts articles of interest on topics related but not limited to

·       Phenomenology, existential philosophy, post-structuralism

·       Metaphilosophy, pragmatism, and communicative action

·       Language, thinking, and technology

·       Critical theory, literature, and art

·       Ethics, religion, and spirituality

·       Power, politics, and economics

·       Race, gender, sexuality, identity

·       Refugees, strangers, and outcasts

·       Community building, inclusion, and integration

·       Human person, health, and self-creation

·       Globalization, multiculturalism, and the meaning of nationality

·       Trans- and cross-cultural horizons

·       Environment, common concerns, and common solutions

·       Radicalization, Populism, and Extremism

·       Poverty, Gentrification, and Biopolitics

The language of the journal is English, but we will also consider translations of articles from other languages, including those which have been previously published in a language other than English. The editorial board may also be able to facilitate the process of translation.  Contributions originally published in non-European languages will be especially welcome.    

Deadline: October 15. 2021

Information on the adopted by the journal paper submission style can be found at


Past issues


Vol.3 (2020) Varia Issue

Issue Editor 

Rossen Roussev

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Vol.2 (2019) Thematic Issue:  Home and Journey Around the Globe

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

Cover Design

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Vol. 1 (2018)     Inaugural Thematic Issue:  Converging Differences: Global Thinking and Local Existence

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

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