Vol.3 (2020)

Global Conversations: An International Journal in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture

ISSN 2434-5687

Vol.3,  Varia Issue



Society for Philosophy as Global Conversation


Francesc Passani

Executive Editor

Tomokazu Baba

Consulting Editors

Fiona Tomkinson

Rossen Roussev

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

Art Director

Joanna Tiele

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Rossen Roussev

pp. 7-8 (GET PDF

Literature and Remix

Hostility, Hospitality, and Autoimmunity in De Bernières’ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Catherine MacMillan

pp. 9-25 (GET PDF

Remix to Recycle: An “Environmentalist” Approach to Reusing Works

Stefan Stefanov

pp. 26-35 (GET PDF)

Neo-Napoleonism and the Politics of Trust

Pompeo’s Neo-Napoleonism and the CCP Régime

Eric C. Hendriks-Kim

pp. 36-49 (GET PDF)

Identifying the Politics of Trust and Belonging in Nowadays’ Democracies: A Study of the Public Consensus in four European Countries

Davide Orsitto

pp. 50-62 (GET PDF)

Logos, Non-Conceptual Experience, and Philosophy

Logos and Non-Conceptual Experience: Or, Why Philosophers Should Care about Meditation

J. Jeremy Wisnewski

pp. 63-80 (GET PDF)

Philosophy as Competence and Art of Self-creation: Bringing Habermas and Foucault Together

Rossen I. Roussev

pp. 81-95 (GET PDF)

Notes on Contributors

pp. 96-97 (GET PDF)

Information for Authors

p. 98 (GET PDF)