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Global Conversations is a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic journal accepting high quality articles in philosophy, humanities, social sciences, or other fields, which advance the idea of global cultural awareness, exchange, and conversation broadly construed. It is a philosophical journal in the broadest sense of the term understood as inclusive of all humanistic knowledge. It is open to any viewpoint, school orientation, intellectual trend, or cultural tradition. It welcomes in-depth philosophical and theoretical discussions of relevant issues, as well as texts on issues in comparative philosophy, critical theory, art criticism, cross-cultural investigations, interdisciplinary research, or transcultural studies.

Articles are evaluated in terms of their merit, rather than size, though ones larger than 16, 000 words or smaller than 4,000 words are generally discouraged. Article styling is in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (footnotes only), with main text 1.15-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, one space after sentence, indented first line of each new paragraph (excepting the opening paragraphs of sections and divisions) without space between paragraphs, footnotes and block quotations 10pt font, block quotations indented 1 cm from both left and right, same styling and spacing. Authors are expected to adhere to gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language. Authors who do not have academic-level command in English are asked to have their articles proofread before submission.

Paper submissions are accepted at The provisional time for review is two months.