Global Conversations: An International Journal in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture


ISSN 2434-5687

Publisher: Society for Philosophy as Global Conversation

8-49-7, Miwa, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan

Editor:   Rossen Roussev

Executive Editor:   Tomokazu Baba

Consulting Editors:   Fiona Tomkinson

                                             Catherine MacMillan

Language Coordinator:   Fiona Tomkinson

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Past issues

Vol. 5 (2022) Thematic Issue: War and Peace, Love and Hate

Issue Guest Editor

Alicja Kowalska

Cover Image

©︎ Lua Rivera Figueroa

Vol. 4 (2021) Thematic Issue: Calamity and Immunity

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

Cover Image

©︎Akiko Nakayama

Vol. 3 (2020) Varia Issue

Issue Editor 

Rossen Roussev

Cover Image

©︎Joanna Tiele

Vol. 2 (2019) Thematic Issue: Home and Journey Around the Globe

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

Cover Image

©︎Monika Voykova

Cover Design

©︎Anastasya Tonkova

Vol. 1 (2018)   Inaugural Thematic Issue: Converging Differences: Global Thinking and Local Existence

Issue Editor

Rossen Roussev

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©Monica Voykova, Sailor