Vol.5 (2022)

Global Conversations: An International Journal in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture

ISSN 2434-5687

Vol.5,  Thematic Issue

War and Peace, Love and Hate



Society for Philosophy as Global Conversation

Editor: Rossen Roussev

Executive Editor: Tomokazu Baba

Consulting Editors: Fiona Tomkinson, Catherine MacMillan

Language Coordinator: Fiona Tomkinson

Issue Guest Editor: Alicja Kowalska

Art Director: Lua Rivera Figueroa

Editorial Correspondence: global.conversations.ph@gmail.com

Cover Image: ©︎ Lua Rivera Figueroa

Art In-site Installation “Taming the Beast” (2021)

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The Thematic Perspective of War and Peace, Love and Hate, and the Current Entries: An Introduction

Rossen Roussev

7-9 (GET PDF)

War, Hate, and Aggressivity

A War Against Bolshevism, for the Love of the Homeland? The Novel Endless Hate (1934/1938) by Pjotr Krasnov as an Anti-communist Propaganda Tool in the Interwar Period

Alexandra Preitschopf

10-27 (GET PDF)

Aggressivity, Anxiety, and the Place of the Third: Intersecting Kierkegaard, Lacan, and Watsuji

Thomas Diesner

28-39 (GET PDF)

Political Paradoxes, Art, and Homo Sacer

The Synthetico-Paradoxical Character of Fascism: Can Art Disrupt the Fascist Project?

David Casciola

40-55 (GET PDF)

Statelessness: The Concept of Homo Sacer in Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire

Yasemin Karaağaç

56-70 (GET PDF)

Immunity, the Impersonal, and the Self

Outside All the Camps: Immunity and the Impersonal in Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K

Catherine MacMillan

71-88 (GET PDF)

The Songs of Lalon Fakir (Part II)

Lalon Fakir (selection, translation, and notes by Sayed Muddashir Hossain)

89-94 (GET PDF)

Notes on Contributors

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Information for Authors

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